Sunday, November 16, 2008

Israel up for grabs?

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Those of us who have seen this coming take no pleasure in seeing it now unfold: the threat against Israel is becoming more ominous and specific.

During his campaign, Obama worked hard to downplay his sympathies for Israel's aggressors because he didn't want to lose the Jewish vote. (And lest we forget, the Los Angeles Times helped him accomplish this by refusing to release a tape of the Obamas at a Jew-bashing fete). While Jews in America apparently bought into his rhetoric-- I'm always amazed that the Jewish vote is so consistently against the best interests of Israel-- the Israeli Jews knew better. And while Obama did not disclose this at the time, he was audaciously communicating with Israel's bloodthirsty enemies before he was elected.

Small wonder, then, that the war cries against Israel are getting louder and more urgent by the day. In my view, they've been emboldened by Obama's sympathetic noises. Obama is apparently about to find out that oldest of truths: you can't be all things to all people, and eventually he'll have to choose a side. Under GWB we knew that the enemy of Israel was our enemy, too, but this new administration seems to be saying "all bets are off".

Are we really ready to lay Israel on the chopping block? Peace at any price? I can only hope Israel is strong enough on its own in the interim before we remember who our friends are. It's tragic we're so busy trying to make our sworn enemies leave us alone by rolling over. If ever there was a formula for defeat, that's it.

For review, here is what I feel is an excellent slideshow history of Israel and the conflicts in that region, courtesy of the David Horowitz Freedom Center:

My comments here are brief and general; to read a detailed report on the newest threats against Israel, go to Gateway Pundit (link at left, in blogroll). Thank you.

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