Monday, November 3, 2008

Hate Parade

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Hateful behavior from the left is piling up at our virtual doors almost faster than we can deal with it.

Even so, Michelle Malkin and others are doing a great job staying on top of this, reporting everything from the KGO talk radio host Charles Karel Bouley who cried out he wanted Joe the Plumber dead (in stronger language than I'm using here), to the man who wanted to summon a stoning of Sarah Palin "old school" style, to the Obamessiah himself actually flipping the bird on camera to McCain, just exactly and deliberately as he did (to hoots of delight) when he debated Hillary. Sandra Bernhard joked in a nauseatingly tasteless standup routine that Sarah Palin should be gang-raped. Protestors at McCain-Palin rallies carry mock fetuses and vile signs.

Hour after hour, day after day, hard-working alternative news sources and bloggers are reporting these maniacal incidents, shining light on behavior that should have every decent American reeling in disgust.

While we on the right may have a few seriously disturbed folks showing up now and then, this onslaught from the left is several orders of magnitude more prevalent. For a taste of how mindlessly depraved it is, have a peek at the hate mail section of Cinnamon Stillwell's dignified and intelligent site.

Everything we need to know about the left's hatefulness and irrationality is out there for anyone to see: the would-be leader of the free world and his people. It's sad, but it's also frightening.

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