Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fairness Doctrine: get ready for the assault on free speech

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Ah, the Fairness Doctrine.

Although 44 (as I now prefer to call him) has not expressly supported the idea of exhuming and resuscitating this dead monster, those around him have declared themselves fans of the idea. And since our new monarch is apparently ready to "rule" from Day One-- according to his own transistion team-- this is one of the many issues we'll have to watch very carefully.

Joe and Jane Public need to know what this doctrine would mean, and we must do all we can to keep Washington from going down this path.

Never forget, the left has always been free to develop and broadcast their own radio programming, but this programming never does well. Naturally, they are sputtering mad that people like Rush are so popular, so successful. Unfair! Too much power and influence! People need to hear the other side!

Brushing aside for the moment the obvious overwhelming bias in daily mainstream media, which serves as the de facto presentation of the "other side" nearly all the time, this proposed doctrine needs to be seen for the Orwellian nightmare it really is.

For a clear look at this looming adversary, check out the Culture and Media Institute main page. The link to their article on the Fairness Doctrine is under Special Reports: Unmasking the Myth Behind the Fairness Doctrine, by Brian Fitzpatrick.

Be ready.

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The broader context of this issue is presented in this sobering essay by Lance Fairchok in New Media Journal:

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