Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ayers America: a chilling true story

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Regarding the democrat candidate's undeniable link to William Ayers and the Marxist revolutionary ideology he still clearly represents, it appears there are two kinds of people: those who would care about such an ideological link but don't know, or those who know about it but don't care.

Just in case there are people who feel they do know about all about that silly long-ago stuff but still on balance feel support for their candidate, keep in mind there are tapes of Ayers specifically confirming his anarchist and Marxist views in a radio interview as recently as 2002, a time period when he know he was in touch with Obama. Marxism itself may be an antedelluvian non-starter, but radical socialism is what this is all about, and it's alive and well.

It sneaks up on us and takes the form of fascism, the most frightening -ism of all.

Here's a glimpse into the revolution, courtesy of my dear friend at Bohemian Conservative:

If you don't believe he'll destroy the goose laying America's economic golden eggs... if you roll your eyes when you hear about one relative after another living in poverty... if you don't believe there's a tape of his Kenyan grandmother telling everyone he was born there... if you shrug off his association with Chicago mobsters... if ACORN is no big deal... if none of this causes you a moment's hesitation, at least allow yourself to watch this short video and really think about what this mindset actually means... and see how well this candidate's policies of change fit this agenda.

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Extra credit: What do Ayers, Dohrn, Davis, Odinga, Wright, Khalidi, Farrakhan, Castro, Hamas, and Ahmadinejad have in common?

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