Thursday, October 23, 2008

Write Turn Cafe: where to begin?

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Journalism's 'sub-tabloid' assault on truth and America

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One of my dreams is that this election, among other things, creates a tipping point of awareness in America. Outrageously biased and undeniably agenda-driven, our behemoth mainstream journalism machine needs to be outed once and for all, held accountable for countless grievances against truth.

When journalists are encouraged by their editors to indulge in lies, clear distortions, and deliberate misdirection, it's unacceptable not to hold the institutions accountable.

With freedom of the press comes serious responsibility, and we the people need to demand a more ethical journalism.

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Notes to self: a few other nagging issues

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The Ayers Problem: well, he wasn't eight years old when Ayers appears to have written much of that amazing autobiography; helpful friends you've got there, Barry

The Citizenship Question: Berg may be flaky, but I think he's onto something; Mr. Candidate, please show us the proof and then we'll be quiet about it

The Constitutional Crisis: who decides who has "standing" to bring suits and why; the decay of our Constitution

The Economy 1: if you're part of the problem, you can't be part of the solution; Raines and those dems too close to our economic collape for comfort

The Economy 2: 40% pay no taxes so you can't lower taxes for 95% of Americans without it becoming a welfare state; all math answers are not created equal

The Deification Project: we haven't heard you deny you're the messiah; candles and shrines for the annointed one

voter fraud
media bias
campaign contribution fraud, domestic
campaign contribution fraud, foreign
lies and distortions to citizens
unsavory alliances with frightening agendas
new world order/ global village/ UN problem
appeasement of enemies
reduced millitary strength
hanging Israel out to dry
the Africa problem
the Indonesia problem(s)
the Michelle-writes Most-whites-in-the-US- are-racist problem
Rules for Radicals phrases in speeches
the Rezco association and home loan problem
the Marxist agenda problem
the "No More Pre-existing conditions exclusion" plan for insurance collapse

the end of 401K?

the end of talk radio (Fairness Doctrine)?

To be continued...

draft; work in progress.

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