Wednesday, October 15, 2008


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You don't create peace by pretending we're not at war.

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Today I thought it would be good to bring up the subject of national defense. With our far-left candidate making it very clear he would cut defense spending dramatically-- an amazing statement in this age of Jihad--your humble reporter has been looking online for a worthwhile piece addressing this subject from a historical perspective.

Here is a piece from the Los Angeles Times with some facts of recent history half our country would apparently prefer to ignore, presented calmly and logically:

All Americans should be concerned about this, but my sense is that half the country is in serious denial. I live in San Diego, a target city, but an attack anywhere would be a tragic blow. Our government has averted several attacks in the last seven years, and we know the war against western freedom is not over.

Thank you.

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Hapkido said...

I can never understand why the left is so elated with attempts to undermine our national defense.

Considering that's the same party of FDR & Harry Truman, it's simply amazing they've turned into jellyfish when it comes to fighting.

Then again, this is the party opposed to ending segregation & has somehow managed to convince the populace they're defenders of minority rights...

brenda cox giguere said...

Thank you, dear Hap. I'm tempted to do a piece flippantly titled "Pacifism makes me fighting mad", but I might be shooting myself in the foot.

It's a topic worth exploring. Mostly, the left claims high moral ground by advocating peace, while not getting into the problematic little details about how you achieve, and preserve, such a wondrous goal.