Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cats are smarter than people, part 1

Missi Nutmeg doing self-employment tax receipts five years ago. She has since retired and is doing well.

* * *

It's the weekend, which means I can give myself permission to relax a little. In my case, all things considered in these grim times, it means switching my focus from the serious issues of the day presented seriously, to serious issues of the day presented humorously.

This morning I found a website that's one of the cleverest you'll find, which makes sense when you realize it's written by a cat, not a human. It isn't easy to make me laugh out loud lately, believe me, but this one really did the trick.

You guys can start with the About Me page, preferably in its entirety including the continuation page. If you're encouraged by what you see, or at least curious, read the actual commentaries, too, by backing up to the site's main URL.

I suspect you'll enjoy meeting Ferdinand, and anyway, Missi offers her endorsement.

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