Saturday, October 25, 2008

Notes about this blog - thank you

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Hello to the handful of friends and associates who stop by here now and then.

Not long ago I decided I wanted to organize my thoughts and growing concerns, and maybe make a few new friends. Like many Americans, I have grave concerns about the direction our country seems to be going, despite what I prefer to believe are surely sincere, if sometimes dangerously misguided, agendas that come from the hearts of certain candidates and their supporters.

I've tried to put together an interesting assortment of links here, and make my comments with care. As with all such links in the blogosphere, not all of us have identical views, but the blogs I link to have shown themselves to have some basic concerns that resonate with my own. And my thoughts are my own, based on information I believe to be correct. Just like you, I am a seeker of truth and understanding.

Posting comments on other blogs is not my main activity; although I do occasionally comment, you won't find long comments of mine on other sites, even the ones I really support. When I do comment, I sign my entire name, never just my first name, so if you go to other blogs and see comments signed with just the name 'Brenda' out there, that post is not mine.

There are many terrific reporters out there doing great work. From time to time I will be sending out original pieces to other publications when I feel I have a useful or interesting take on something, but by and large, I'll largely confine my thinking out loud to my own site.

There is absolutely no agenda here with regard to becoming a media figure or person with a following. I am just one person, one voice, in a vast sea of voices in a free country. And that's just fine with me.

My time, like yours, is limited. Brief civil comments are welcome here, but please realize I'm not here to argue with anyone; that's absolutely not why I'm here. This is especially true if you haven't bothered to keep your post even remotely relevant to my actual posts and comments, or if you have me confused with someone else.

In closing, what's most important is this is not a debate forum; there are plenty of sites that are set up for that... and most of them have legions of more readers than I do here.

It makes sense to me.

Thank you.

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